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The Urban Garden Hydroponics is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. We are passionate about informing others of the benefits and joys of hydroponic growing and can help you grow from seed to harvest! Our customers enjoy a friendly, knowledgeable staff that loves growing as much as they do. Our clean, organized, and welcoming environment allows for easy browsing.Come on in and see all t

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Columbia Hydroponics offers top rated and professional Hydroponics in Columbia. [Read More]

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    The Urban Garden sells everything you need to grow indoors. We offer the following services.Component sizing, TDS/PH meter calibration, Energy cost calculation, Nutrient samples, Feed schedules, Information!
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    We work with our customers one-on-one to suit their growing needs and accomplish their goals.
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    Sunlight Supply, Nickel City, Hydrofarm

Hydroponics Tips

Hydroponics Tips

Columbia Hydroponics provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Hydroponics ]

Columbia Hydroponics | Grow Room Design, Component Sizing, TDS/pH Meter Calibration and More!

We live in a world filled with bad news about our food supply. It seems that every day brings word of some new recall or mysterious plant borne illness sweeping across the country. In many ways, “grow your own” makes increasing sense to budget and health minded Americans everywhere. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a quarter section of land in Kansas or the Central Valley of California. Thanks to Columbia Hydroponics, however, nearly anyone can have a bountiful garden of their own, even if they live in an apartment. Hydroponics is the magic word. It means to grow things without soil, usually in a liquid solution that allows plants to suck up nutrients from a more limited area than would be required from ordinary ground-based garden plots.

Columbia Hydroponics has a full line of products that will make any urban gardener into a hydroponics superstar all year round. Since this is a technique well suited to indoor use, hydroponics allow home gardeners to harvest their crops on a year round basis. Think of the money to be saved by having an endless supply of salad greens, fresh aromatic spices, luscious home grown tomatoes, and peppers at your fingertips. No more annoying trips to the grocery store for that one missing item. No more spoiled produce sitting in the vegetable crisper, and no more worries about toxic pesticides lingering on your family’s food supply. Of course, hydroponics is a lot more than tossing a few seeds into a glass of water.

Turn to Columbia Hydroponics for unbiased professional advice as to which seed types are best suited to hydroponic use, as well as the best methods of building and maintaining home garden systems. Set up your customized hydroponic beds, situate your broad spectrum grow lights overhead, and get ready to say goodbye to the assembly line food that costs so much, and is only going to go higher still.